Aurora Boutique | Milano

Aurora Boutique | Milan

In the historic fashion and design district of Milan, in via San Pietro all’Orto — just a few meters from the well-know via Montenapoleone —  there is a new temple of design and craftsmanship: the flagship store of Aurora, a landmark of accessories and high-quality writing instruments. Aurora was born in Turin in 1919 and ever since it has been manufacturing some of the world most exclusive and distinct pens — designed also by important artists such as Nizzoli and Zanuso — nowadays exhibited at MOMA New York. Architect Fernando Cesar Mosca designed the new store using the light as a tale, with words and punctuation marks drawing a unique mood and telling the story of genuine made in Italy. The main character of this light-tale is the central huge chandelier made by Zonca Lighting: it plays with multiple crystal tubes at different heights, resembling fountain pens’ barrels and, at the same time,  drawing lines in the space which write the secular history of Aurora towards future.

Photo credits: Valerio Longhi.