Over a century of lights: the tailor-made innovation

From the very moment when we open our eyes to the world, light enters our life as an element that wraps meaning into every instant. Every day, light participates in the atmosphere of our environments, enveloping memories, revealing our emotions.

For over a century, Zonca has passed on a passion for lighting that began with artisan craftsmen and women and grew over time through that creativity that is a perfect harmony of concept and manual skills in giving life to objects of exclusive elegance.
The philosophy matured with the taste for beauty and intertwined with collaboration projects with the world’s most famous designers, has transformed Zonca Lighting into a company that, today, is a technological and creative laboratory; a place where unique objects are imagined, developed and produced; where pieces describe history and translate a timeless style.
From the most intimate environments of everyday life to places that are symbols of hospitality, from private residences to luxury hotels: Zonca Lighting is the brand that interprets emotions and transforms them into dreams of light with the unmistakeable appeal of Made in Italy that has conquered the world.