Jacques Garcia | Architect & Interior Design

Jacques Garcia

Jacques Garcia, internationally renowned architect, decorator and interior designer with a great passion for the architecture of the gardens, has made of his life a work of art by redesigning, throughout his career, some of the most interesting spaces in the high-end hotel industry: the Métropole in Monte Carlo, the Mamounia in Marrakech, the Danieli in Venice, the NoMad in New York, the Hotel Costes in Paris and numerous others.

The five-star La Reserve in Geneva offered the ideal scenario while working on the settings of this marvellous hotel; there was a stroke of lightning between Zonca Lighting and the great French master who immediately stimulated the mutual desire to continue and enrich the collaboration.

The result is a harmonious artistic union that still continues and that has led to precious and exclusive collections, “The great classics of Jacques Garcia” and “Le Botanique” as well as a series of contract projects shared at the most exclusive luxury hotels in the world.

Aesthete and passionate when it comes to art and history, a true collector, Jacques Garcia possesses an innate talent that leads him to exalt the souls of places. His unique style is an authentic exploration into the splendour of the past interpreted in a modern style: brocades, damask fabrics and lampshades in pleated silk enrich a design with clean lines so as to establish the standard of refined luxury.

“My work consists of going back to the origins, without trying to reinvent, rather with the will to recover the perfect proportions that the ancients handed down to us.”

Faithful to this thought, Jacques Garcia combines the valour of master glassmakers and the spasmodic attention to detail with which Zonca Lighting has been able to express its infinite creative vein.