Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville

Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville

There is an art that is not refined if not through experience. And this is what Zonca Lighting knows how to seize from master craftsmen, as in the case of lanterns created specifically for the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, one of the most important structures of both the city and the entire country. Indeed, it is here that the King of Spain stays during his visits.

Since its inauguration in 1929, the Hotel Alfonso XIII has been considered one of the most prestigious hotels not only in Spain but throughout the entire world. The hotel, located in the historic and lively Santa Cruz district, is in the heart of Seville, next to the Alcázar and the Cathedral.

The hotel, known by all as “Alfonso”, has recently been renovated under the direction of the HBA studio in London. The studio left its historical and fascinating aura unchanged, and for over 85 years now is recognized as a true symbol of Seville. Zonca Lighting‘s contribution lies precisely in this dimension: attention to detail and a bond with the historic reality of each element or the setting’s narrative component; a capability that has been handed down for generations in Zonca.