Oscar Hotel Londra - Lampade e Plafoniere

Oscar Hotel London

Inaugurated in May 2018, L’Oscar Hotel is the boutique hotel that marks the London debut of Parisian designer Jacques Garcia in Anglo-Saxon land.
The luxurious 5-star hotel, housed in a former Bloomsbury church in the Holborn district, pays tribute in name and style to the Irish writer Oscar Wilde. The historical building dates back to the early twentieth century and was rediscovered, after a considerable period of abandonment, by Garcia and by the current owner who found it almost randomly, while walking around London. It was love at first sight that quickly concretized in one of the most intriguing spaces of contemporary hospitality. Merit of the great mastery of Jacques Garcia who, even in this occasion, chose to have Zonca Lighting alongside him in the development of lighting design creativity.
Each of the 39 rooms is unique in its decadent, eclectic, crepuscular design. Atmosphere warmed by silks, velvets, damasks, boiserie, rugs in a colour palette that ranges from purple to antique gold and petrol blue.
The identifying traits, those that characterize and distinguish L’Oscar from any other hotel, are the recurrent motifs of birds (500 in the whole building) that appear in practically every environment, even perched on lamps and ceiling lights made by Zonca Lighting and customized by exclusive Garcia’s design.
The most iconic and spectacular is certainly the chandelier that runs from top to bottom all the seven floors of the hotel with an endless series of hummingbirds, parrots, and cuckoos perched in a spectacular spiral.
A vision that alone is worth the stay in what is a candidate to be among the most prestigious luxury hotels on the international scene.