The Owo – London

Designed by British architect William Young, the War Office was built on the site of the Palace of Whitehall – home for centuries to English monarchs, including King Henry VIII. Built in the Baroque style, the landmark building was completed in 1906 and stood as silent witness to world-shaping events of the 20th century. Influential political and military leaders, including Winston Churchill, walked the corridors and halls of Great Britain’s most important seat of power.

The distinctive heritage of the OWO has been preserved through six years of restoration and reinstatement of its solemn splendour. Zonca Lighting took part in this engaging operation by creating custom lighting fixtures, with a strong adherence to the specifications of the time, blending industrial and vintage aesthetics.

The designers of ‘1508 London’ and ‘The office of Thierry W Despont’ modernized these beautiful lines of the early 20th century, and Zonca Lighting, with careful research into the best Italian manufacturing, managed to illuminate the majestic dining halls, lounge areas, private rooms, and suites of this unparalleled building, which, from seat of power, became the most exciting destination in all of London.